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Dani Stephenson, Straight Forward Music Group

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Olivia Walker, Sony Music

“…do the things that really matter in an effective campaign: excellent reporting, proactive, super creative …”

Kate Hendry, Absolute Marketing

“…brilliant to work with & full of ideas, filling artist schedules with interesting online promotion”

Nancy Coburn, Decca Records

“A dynamic PR team who are passionate about product”

M Jenkins, Universal Pictures

“A friendly, personable, committed team I would recommend Digital Rebel as an agency a cut above the rest.”

Tom Jarvis , E1

“Digital Rebel have quickly established themselves as one of the best Digital PR teams in the music industry.”

Daniel Hinchliffe - Soundcheck Ent

Veronika Vesper

Just when we need it most a star is born. Veronika Vesper has arrived. Idiosyncratic, fierce and rebellious, she combines the edginess of Bowie, the quirkiness of Bjork and the ambition of Gaga.

Growing up in a creative family she learned to play various musical instruments as well as fine tune her acting and performance style. She has had many guises since then: classical flutist, rocker and electronic music performer. All of this has led her to follow her creative drive and made her determined to change the world for the better with her unique brand of cyber space pop.

Think alternative electronic pop with hard beats, think symphonic overtones wrapped in cinematic atmosphere, perfectly complimented by a haunting voice, which is both seducing and chilling. Above all else, she’s a born performer. Vesper’s power lies in creating an alluring, sometimes unnerving atmosphere, inspired by a marriage of music and fashion, topped by her amazing and unexpected flute playing.

With her buzz single “F*ck the Ego” Vesper is swiftly gaining recognition here and across the Pond. The track is about releasing yourself from the constraints of ego. As she explains:

“..ego is an illusion of separation from others and it’s a source of all suffering. It’s a basic ignorance which is the core of all disturbing emotions like jealousy, anger, pride, attachment and greed which generally make our lives more difficult. Ego is basically the reason we miss the fun inherited in every situation, because we take ourselves too seriously”

Vesper is the real deal: her every action creative and selfless, she is filled with passion and love. Having struggled with her own darkness and light she’s found the balance by accepting both.

“I’m here to show people what we can do, show our potential. I’m trying to bring light and love to the world through my music. I want to inspire people to live to the full and follow their dreams.”

This journey is described in her forthcoming conceptual (dark to light) debut album called ONE.

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