Digital Rebel

“one of the most productive and on point digital firms I’ve worked with, great vision and amazing results.”

Dani Stephenson, Straight Forward Music Group

“…creative ideas, great contacts, enthusiasm and general loveliness. A pleasure to work with!”

Olivia Walker, Sony Music

“…do the things that really matter in an effective campaign: excellent reporting, proactive, super creative …”

Kate Hendry, Absolute Marketing

“…brilliant to work with & full of ideas, filling artist schedules with interesting online promotion”

Nancy Coburn, Decca Records

“A dynamic PR team who are passionate about product”

M Jenkins, Universal Pictures

“A friendly, personable, committed team I would recommend Digital Rebel as an agency a cut above the rest.”

Tom Jarvis , E1

“Digital Rebel have quickly established themselves as one of the best Digital PR teams in the music industry.”

Daniel Hinchliffe - Soundcheck Ent


“Synth driven melodies as witnessed on ‘Back To Reality’ are tailored for the dance floor. I’d recommend you abstain, at your own loss…” – Who’s Jack

“Delectably debaucherous” – The Metro

With their soaring hooks and glam looks, Joywride are looking to redecorate the charts with glamorous pop panache, and you can join them from the start. Not ones for understatement, the band are proving to be one of the most dynamic live acts to emerge from London’s underground in years. With a mix of ’80s-styled synth pop and a well-groomed fashionista charm, Joywride are poised to take centre stage at the forefront of pop music.

The band recently gave away their debut EP ‘21st Century Love for a limited period of two weeks only, via a ‘like to download’ campaign on their Facebook page. The EP is currently available from a plethora of download platforms – including iTunes where it is being highlighted in their ‘New & Noteworthy’ section!

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