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“one of the most productive and on point digital firms I’ve worked with, great vision and amazing results.”

Dani Stephenson, Straight Forward Music Group

“…creative ideas, great contacts, enthusiasm and general loveliness. A pleasure to work with!”

Olivia Walker, Sony Music

“…do the things that really matter in an effective campaign: excellent reporting, proactive, super creative …”

Kate Hendry, Absolute Marketing

“…brilliant to work with & full of ideas, filling artist schedules with interesting online promotion”

Nancy Coburn, Decca Records

“A dynamic PR team who are passionate about product”

M Jenkins, Universal Pictures

“A friendly, personable, committed team I would recommend Digital Rebel as an agency a cut above the rest.”

Tom Jarvis , E1

“Digital Rebel have quickly established themselves as one of the best Digital PR teams in the music industry.”

Daniel Hinchliffe - Soundcheck Ent

Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias’s career is marked by songs and successes in every country, and by worldwide top hits in many languages.

38 of these songs in English and Spanish appear in the double CD album Julio Iglesias “1”, which will be released this August and in which the Artist has re-recorded many of the hits that have turned him into one of the most emblematic celebrities of all time.

On “1”, Julio sings from the perspective of his four decade career and the result is surprising.

Julio Iglesias: “This album is mainly dedicated to all the anonymous people who have been following me for 44 years, with generosity and affection, and who have allowed me to keep singing up until today. They’ll always be the great driving force of my career.”

The first thing confirmed when you hear these songs, with Julio Iglesias new voice and new arrangements, is that he is indeed a special singer, with a unique style.

Julio has been working for three years on this album and the result has been worth it, because, far from having the differences in sound and production that normally affect compilations, the songs sound uniform and as if they were one, giving the album an appreciated mature unifying sound and interpretation. This is the new Julio Iglesias.

The album has already gone multi – Platinum in all the countries where it has been released: Spain, Brazil and the Spanish language countries.

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